10mm Peninsular Napoleonics campaign!

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10mm Peninsular Napoleonics campaign!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Mon May 04, 2020 12:00 am


After the success of our 1809 Confederation project in late 2018, we're back with another expansion project, this time for the Napoleonic Peninsular period!

These ranges have been requested for many years and we're going big on this one, with 70 new codes planned along with stretch goals including flags, terrain, civilians and more. We've been working with Forum member John Cook to put together all of the reference material which has been sent over to our sculptor ready to get started.

Our funding has already passed the initial goal and we've also unlocked the flags and buildings as well.

At £5000 - We'll add some ADC's to cover all of our Naps ranges. We've been asked about these a lot so we'll be looking for some input on what you want to see. Also, everyone who has ordered at least 5 packs from any nation will receive the flags for that nation for free.

At £5500 - We'll add a set of mediterranean-style civilians suitable for the Peninsular period.

At £6000 - If we hit our final planned goal, we'll add a 10% discount to all of the pledges, as a thank you for your amazing support.

The ranges:

NPB1 Centre Company, march attack £5.50
NPB2 Centre Company, firing line £5.50
NPB3 Flank Company, march attack (16) £2.95
NPB4 Flank Company, firing line (16) £2.95
NPB5 Line command £5.50
NPB6 Mounted Officer in bicorne (5) £1.85
NPB7 Light Infantry, advancing inc. command (16) £2.95
NPB8 Light Infantry, firing inc. command (16) £2.95
NPB9 Rifles £5.50
NPB10 Highlanders, centre company, march attack £5.50
NPB11 Highlanders foot command £5.50
NPB12 Dragoons/Dragoon Guards in bicorne £5.50
NPB13 Light dragoons in Tarleton helmet £5.50
NPB14 Hussars £5.50
NPB15 6pdr with line crew (3) £5.50
NPB16 6pdr with horse crew (3) £5.50
NPB17 9pdr with line crew (3) £5.50
NPB18 9pdr with horse crew (3) £5.50
NPB19 5.5” Howitzers with line crew (3) £5.50
NPB20 5.5” Howitzers with horse crew (3) £5.50
NPB21 Limber with line team / out-riders (2) £5.50
NPB22 Limber with horse team / out-riders (2) £5.50
PNFL519 British flags £2.50

NBK1 Jager in jacket, march attack inc. command £5.50
NBK2 Jager in jacket, firing line inc. command £5.50
NBK3 Scharfschutzen, inc. command £5.50
NBK4 Hussars £5.50

NPP1 Line infantry in barretina £5.50
NPP2 Line command in barretina (15) £2.75
NPP3 Line infantry in stovepipe shako £5.50
NPP4 Line command in stovepipe shako (15) £2.75
NPP5 Mounted officer in barretina (5) £1.85
NPP6 Cacadores in barretina, inc. command £5.50
NPP7 Cacadores in stovepipe shako, inc. command £5.50
NPP8 Line Cavalry in crested helmet £5.50
NPP9 6pdr with barretina crew (3) £5.50
NPP10 6pdr with stovepipe crew (3) £5.50
NPP11 9pdr with barretina crew (3) £5.50
NPP12 9pdr with stovepipe crew (3) £5.50
NPP13 5.5” Howitzers with barretina crew (3) £5.50
NPP14 5.5” Howitzers with stovepipe crew (3) £5.50
NPP15 Limber with mule team (2) £5.50
PNFL220 Portuguese flags £2.50

NSP1 Fusiliers in 1805 uniform (c1807) £5.50
NSP2 Fusilier command in 1805 uniform (c1807) £5.50
NSP3 Grenadiers in 1805 uniform (c1807) inc. command (16) £2.95
NSP4 Mounted officer (5) £1.85
NSP5 Cazadores in 1802 uniform, inc command £5.50
NSP6 Cazadores in 1805 uniform, inc. command £5.50
NSP7 Fusiliers in 1805 uniform (c1809-1810) £5.50
NSP8 Fusilier command in 1805 uniform (c1809-1810) £5.50
NSP9 Grenadiers in 1805 uniform (c1809-1810) (16) £2.95
NSP10 Provincial Volunteers/Militia in civilian clothes (c1809) £5.50
NSP11 Provincial infantry in Chistera hat (c1809-1813) £5.50
NSP12 Provincial infantry command in Chistera (c1809-1813) (15) £2.75
NSP13 Line infantry (c1812-1814) £5.50
NSP14 Line infantry command (1812-1814) (15) £2.75
NSP15 Guerillas, inc. command £5.50
NSP16 Line Cavalry £5.50
NSP17 Dragoons £5.50
NSP18 Hussars £5.50
NSP19 Cazadores a Caballo £5.50
NSP20 Garrochista lancers £5.50
NSP21 4pdr with line crew (3) £5.50
NSP22 4pdr with horse crew (3) £5.50
NSP23 8pdr with line crew (3) £5.50
NSP24 8pdr with horse crew (3) £5.50
NSP25 12pdr with line crew (3) £5.50
NSP26 12pdr with horse crew (3) £5.50
NSP27 7” Howitzer with line crew (3) £5.50
NSP28 7” Howitzer with horse crew (3) £5.50
NSP29 Limber with mule team (2) £5.50
NSP30 Limber with team / out-riders (2) £5.50
PNFL221 Spanish flags 1 £2.50
PNFL222 Spanish flags 2 £2.50

All packs contain 15 cavalry or 30 foot, priced at £5.50 per pack, unless otherwise stated. Customers outside the EU will have the VAT removed from their pledge total when we start billing.

NOTE: There are a few items in these new ranges that will be pulled directly from our existing 1815 range. Things like the British lights, rifles and highlanders don't need to be sculpted again and we can use the existing figures to fulfill your orders. This allows us to reduce the number of sculpts required and the targets we need to hit.

Buildings - Unlocked!
SCN-NAP1 Small house, type 1 £4.00
SCN-NAP2 Small house, type 2 £4.00
SCN-NAP3 Small house, type 3 £4.00
SCN-NAP4 Large house, type 1 £5.00
SCN-NAP5 Large house, type 2 £5.00
SCN-NAP6 Villa/chateau £6.00
SCN-NAP7 Tavern £6.00
SCN-NAP8 Church £6.00
SCN-NAP9 Hermitage £3.00
SCN-NAP10 Windmill £5.00
SCN-NAP11 Cemetery £3.00
SCN-NAP12 Accessories (fountain, shrine, troughs) £3.00

(Prices are estimates based on the planned size of the new buildings and may alter slightly when these items are released. People who have pledged will never pay more than these prices.)

All of the info and pledged total so far can be seen over on our Forum here: ... 688.0.html

If you'd like to become a member and join in, just drop us an email with your preferred username:
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Re: 10mm Peninsular Napoleonics campaign!

Postby Leon Pendraken » Wed May 27, 2020 3:53 am


Our Peninsular Napoleonics project finishes at midnight on Sunday!

We've got over 70 new codes planned covering the British, Spanish, Portuguese and Brunswick troops. We've also unlocked all of the stretch goals, including flags, buildings, civilians, ADCs and wagons. And as an additional bonus, everyone who pledges to this project will receive a 10% discount on their order!

All of these ranges will be sculpted and in production by November so this is the perfect early Christmas present.

If you'd like to see the planned ranges or join in, you can do so on our Forum here: ... 688.0.html And if you're not a member of our Forum, drop us an email and we'll get you registered:
Leon Pendraken
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Joined: Sat Oct 12, 2013 6:43 pm
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