Blitzkrieg Commander IV - first thoughts

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Blitzkrieg Commander IV - first thoughts

Postby olicana » Thu Oct 31, 2019 12:15 pm

As promised, I bought a copy of BKC IV from Leon at Fiasco, in Leeds, on Sunday. Last night I gave it a first read through, and knowing how the basic game worked it proved to be a very easy first read of what seems to be a well laid out rule set. The only bit I had to read twice, to thoroughly understand, was the 'Reconnaissance' section; this is the hardest part of the rules to understand but, then again, I'm a bear of very little brain and even I got there without help in the end.

My knowledge of army lists for this period is generally quite good, and a flick through the lists (the ones I would be more familiar with) through up no glaring mistakes or omissions.

So, well done to all. A nicely presented package. It looks, at first sight like a pretty robust upgrade to the BKC system. I look forward to playing them. When I do, I'll do a full blog report on how the new rules played.

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