Invitation to play a Great Northern War Game: Joy of Six Sho

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Invitation to play a Great Northern War Game: Joy of Six Sho

Postby hwiccee » Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:27 pm

Invitation to play a Great Northern War Game: Joy of Six Show, Sheffield, July 20th

The same group that ran Great Northern War battles at the Joy of Six the last few years will be running another game this year on July 20th. We will be doing Kalisz 1706 this year and we want to open up the game to guest players.

Last years game was the battle of Klissow ( which featured in an article and the front cover of Miniature Wargames 373. This year the group will do the battle of Kalisz, 1706, and we hope this game will also feature in a future gaming magazine. Any article will feature an account of the re-fight of the battle.

We will be using the Polemos Great Northern War rules for the battle and the author will be running the game. Prior knowledge of the period or rules is not necessary. The rules are quite detailed but easy to pick up.

Spaces in the game are limited and so participation will be on a ‘first come’ basis. The show opens at 10:00 a.m. so you will need to be at the show for that time. The game is likely to take all day, although with short breaks, but you should be able to stay all day.

Please do NOT say you will come if you are not 110% certain you will come, on time and can stay all day. If you do not turn up you will have taken someone else chance to play.

If you are interested in playing send me a private message or e-mail me at hwiccee AT hotmail DOT com – replace the words with the usual symbols.

About the battle and game:

The battle of Kalisz is a strange epilogue to the Saxon Campaign or a prologue to the Russian Campaign. It will field significantly more bases than previously Great Northern War battles we have presented.

The battle features no less than 9 contingents, although 2 will be inactive in the game. Notably it will have more than double the amount of Pancerni and Winged Hussars than the Klissow battle we did at the Joy of Six 2013. This was the one featured on the cover of MW 365 and later was covered in detail in an article in MW 373. As well as a significant contingent of Cossacks, Kalmucks and Russian Dragoons supporting the brave Saxon “knights” unwillingly led by Augustus the Strong himself.

A very small Swedish contingent, in relative terms, with an infantry section and some cavalry supported by a Polish-Lithuanian contingent of, you guessed it right, even more Pancerni and Hussars. The infantry consisting of a large portion of ‘Saxon’ prisoners of war from the Fraustadt battle we covered in 2012. These were actually French and Swiss prisoners of war from Marlborough’s battles fighting in the Saxon army. These former French/Swiss, Saxon and Swedish soldiers would find themselves in the Russian army by the end of the battle!

Overall we are talking about:-

Swedish/Polish/Lithuanian – Overall Commander General Major Mardefelt

• Swedish Infantry and Cavalry – 21 bases

• Lithuanian Cavalry – 11 bases

• Polish Cavalry – 22 bases

Saxon/Russian/Polish – Overall Commander Augustus the Strong

• Saxon Cavalry – 22 bases

• Russian Dragoons – 32 bases

• Polish Crown Army – 36 bases

• Kalmucks/Cossacks – 36 bases (not actively in the battle but shown on the at the rear of the “Swedish Force” because it looks good)

Get in touch if you fancy playing this interesting battle.
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