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KINGS' scenario

Postby ochoin » Sun Jun 04, 2017 11:48 pm

I have our third game of KINGS in two weeks &, as always, I want it to be successful.

I'm not the greatest scenario writer but I've devised this:

The Men Who Would Be KINGS: Scenario
Pursuit at El Hab
An Anglo-Egyptian army has smashed an invading Dervish force near the Egyptian Sudan border.
The Dervishes are retreating south & have left a rear guard at a pass to slow down the pursuing British. Unfortunately for the Dervishes, several units have been left behind & cut off at the village of El Hab. Worse, an important Emir is with these forces & must not be captured or killed by the infidel.
Dervish: 1. Get the Emir off the table via the pass at the southern end.
2. Get their forces at El Hab off the table via the pass at the southern end without being destroyed or severely mauled.
3. Hold the pass against the Anglo-British to save their retreating army
Anglo-Egyptian: 1. Take or kill the Emir (top priority & worth losing some men over)
2. Destroy the Dervish force at El Hab
3. Suffer less than 50% losses.
4. Take the pass
At the north end of the table, 3 Dervish units are deployed (with the emir) in and around the village of El Hab. One Ansar (tribal infantry), one Baggara (tribal cavalry), one Jehadia (rifles) units.
At the south end of the table, in and around the pass, are the rest of the Dervish forces (3 Beja tribal infantry, 2 Ansar tribal infantry, 2 camel & one Baggara unit).
The Anglo-British (5 infantry units, 2 camel units & a gun) will be deployed in the centre of the table between both Dervish forces. There will be some cover (soft) for them to use if they so desire.
Game notes:
The village will provide hard cover however the Dervish cannot cower there for the entire game & expect to win.

So, gents; any suggestions/comments are welcome.

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