(SELl) (TRADe) 28mm Sedgemoor armies - Front Rank

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(SELl) (TRADe) 28mm Sedgemoor armies - Front Rank

Postby ConflictInColour » Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:17 pm

Willing to consider an exchange as follows:

Painted 28mm ECW
Painted 15mm Italian Wars
Painted 20mm Vietnam
Painted 15mm Marlburian
Painted 15mm Ottomans
28mm sci fi or fantasy

Here's what there is:

7 x Mounted General Officers

6 x 27 figure infantry regiments (16 shot and central block of 4 pike, 3 standards (will fill a single rank) officer, sergeant, 2 drummers (5 units have grenadiers, one does not)
1 x 12 mounted Dragoons
1 x 12 Oxford Blues
1 x 12 Horse Guards includes 3 horse grenadiers as 60 strong HG troop)
4 x guns and 16 crew

5 regiments of infantry each of 36 figures (16 shot, 6 command, 14 pike and improvised weapons)
30 x cavalry
2 guns and 8 crew

£495 the lot (RRP £700+) Postage in UK £10, will ship worldwide at cost based on location

372 infantry, 73 cavalry, 6 guns

All mint and untouched, still in bags
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