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More frenzy

Postby nevinsrip » Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:00 am

I managed to make these 4 pieces today. I tried some different color spray paints.
First, I used my tried and true, Walmart Flat Black, as the undercoat on the light green bushes. After applying the 6 mm grass, I switched back to the Coco Brown as the final color, before adding the light green leaves.

I did this for two reasons. First, the black adds depth and reflects the fact that the outer branches would turn a lighter shade, when exposed to the sun over time.

Second, is the fact that Walmart Flat Black costs 97 Cents a can.
Krylon "Coco Brown with Primer" will run you $ 7.99 a can.

Face it. We're a cheap lot, we terrain makers are.
Use the cheap stuff to attach the static grass. Then give it a shot of the Coco color to finalize it. I may tone this down a bit, with some medium green leaves.

Next, I tried out a can of Americana Satin Finish "Suede". The finish is fine, because I use Dulcote, as my final step. I liked the way this came out. I used
a dark brown, slightly coarse, leaf turf on the lighter Suede color. I was attempting to portray berries. I might spray the bottoms of the bushes with a darker brown color, to give some contrast. A very, very light spray where the
string is attached to the craft stick.

The Suede colored bushes has some Indians emerging from the thicket.
The Light Green colored bushes have some Hessian Jaegers patrolling the woods. I used these figures because I had them lying around, left over from other projects.







I also hot glued Sisal string to another half dozen craft sticks. I'll work on those tomorrow.
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Re: More frenzy

Postby subedai » Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:32 am

Nice. I use our cheap equivalent -Poundland - for my undercoat as well. Does the job.
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