SALE: 20mm WW1 in the Desert (Lawrence etc)

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SALE: 20mm WW1 in the Desert (Lawrence etc)

Postby ConflictInColour » Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:01 pm

Painted 20mm WW1 Desert collection, models by (I think, B&B Miniatures)



50 infantry (German and Askari)
4 HMGs
1 Krupp gun


50 infantry
2 HMGs
2 Krupp guns
12 Cavalry

British and Commonwealth

74 Infantry
32 Cavalry
3 Vickers
2 Field guns


10 Irregular camelry
10 Irregular cavalry
30 Irregular infantry
2 Vickers
19 Regular infantry
10 regular cavalry
1 armoured car
1 tank

Will also include scratch built buildings
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