18 mm Campaign Games 1815 Range Clearout

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18 mm Campaign Games 1815 Range Clearout

Postby vexillia » Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:44 pm

I have 70 plus packs which I am prepared to discount for large purchases. The more you want the bigger the discount.

There's a stock list below and more information on the web site.

Contact me directly to discuss discounts.

Code: Select all
Code    Description                                 Type        Range       Stock
CGB001A British Artillery, 9 lb Battery.            Artillery   British     4
CGB002A British Artillery, 6 lb Battery.            Artillery   British     4
CGB003A British Horse Artillery, 6 lb Battery.      Artillery   British     6
CGB004A British Artillery, Howitzer Battery.        Artillery   British     2
CGB005A British Horse Artillery, Howitzer Battery.  Artillery   British     2
CGB001C British Hussars, charging.                  Cavalry     British     3
CGB003C British Light Dragoons, charging.           Cavalry     British     2
CGB005C British Heavy Dragoons, charging.           Cavalry     British     1
CGB004F British Line, covered shako, marching.      Infantry    British     1
CGB001P Wellington, Picton and 2 ADCs.              Personality British     4
CGB004P British Colonels, mounted.                  Personality British     1
CGW004A Brunswick Horse artillery 6lb British Guns. Artillery   Brunswick   1
CGW005A Brunswick Foot artillery British Howitzers. Artillery   Brunswick   2
CGW006A Brunswick Horse artillery Howitzers.        Artillery   Brunswick   2
CGW007A Brunswick Foot artillery British Guns.      Artillery   Brunswick   2
CGW008A Brunswick Horse artillery British Guns.     Artillery   Brunswick   2
CGW007F Brunswick Lieb Battalion, marching.         Infantry    Brunswick   1
CGD001A Dutch Foot Artillery, French 6lb cannon.    Artillery   Dutch       1
CGD002A Dutch Foot Artillery, British  6lb cannon.  Artillery   Dutch       1
CGD003A Dutch Foot Artillery, French Howitzers.     Artillery   Dutch       2
CGD004A Dutch Foot Artillery, British Howitzers.    Artillery   Dutch       2
CGD005A Dutch Horse Battery with French 6lb canon.  Artillery   Dutch       2
CGD006A Dutch Horse Battery with British 6lb canon. Artillery   Dutch       1
CGD007A Dutch Horse Battery with French Howitzers.  Artillery   Dutch       1
CGD008A Dutch Belgian Horse Battery  Howitzers.     Artillery   Dutch       2
CGD001C Dutch Carabiniers (1st) bicorn, charging.   Cavalry     Dutch       2
CGD003C Dutch Carabiniers (3rd) bicorn, charging.   Cavalry     Dutch       2
CGD005C Belgian Carabiniers in helmet, charging.    Cavalry     Dutch       1
CGD007C 6th Dutch Hussars, charging.                Cavalry     Dutch       1
CGD009C 8th Belgian Hussars, charging.              Cavalry     Dutch       2
CGD011C 5th Belgian Light Dragoons, charging.       Cavalry     Dutch       1
CGD013C 4th Dutch Light Dragoons, charging.         Cavalry     Dutch       1
CGD004F Dutch infantry, march attack / marching.    Infantry    Dutch       2
CGF009C French Carabiniers, charging.               Cavalry     French      3
CGF006F Old Guard Veterans, full dress bicorn.      Infantry    French      1
CGN003F 1st Nassau regiment, marching.              Infantry    Nassau      1
CGN005F 1st Nassau regiment, marching.              Infantry    Nassau      1
CGN016F 2nd Nassau regiment, marching.              Infantry    Nassau      1
CGN017F 2nd Nassau regiment, marching.              Infantry    Nassau      1
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