III Corps Released

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III Corps Released

Postby vexillia » Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:39 pm


The third game in the Somme series is released today. III Corps is an extension set, and it uses the same rules as X Corps and you will need a copy of X Corps to play the game.

Full details of the Somme series and free sample pages from III Corps available from Vexillia. The game itself is available form Wargame Vault: A4 (UK/Euro) or US letter (World/N America).

III Corps is a two-player card game covering the experience of the British III Corps on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, July 1st, 1916. Games typically take 45-60 minutes.


The game follows the course of the pre-battle preparation and the first day of the battle itself. One player is the commander of the III Corps, General Sir William Putteney. The other player is his opponent, Lt. General Hermann von Stein, commander of the German XIV Reserve Corps.

New Cards:

  • British first use of "Smoke" and "Make Haste" across No Man's Land.
  • British mines at Lochnager and the Y Sap.
  • German "Intelligence" intercepts and the use of "Tear Gas."


Key Game Concepts:

  • The use of "No Man's Land" reflecting its importance to both sides.
  • The German use of artillery in tactical defence and to support counter-attacks.
  • The British use of counter-battery fire rather than pure area bombardment.
  • The consolidation of captured trenches against counter-attacks.



  • Historical introduction and set-up information (6 pages)
  • Set of colour cards (13 pages: 9 packs, 9 terrain, 34 German and 39 British cards)
  • Set of printer-friendly cards (German and British cards are monochrome)

More information and free samples.
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