Col Thomas' At Cowpens

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Col Thomas' At Cowpens

Postby nevinsrip » Mon May 14, 2018 10:43 am

Here are Thomas' Spartan regiment. This was the smallest of the SC Milita units that were assigned the main Militia Line at Cowpens. 
The regiment has fired their volley and is moving behind the Continental Line, as planned. There is no panic in their movement, because Morgan has prepared his troops for this moment. Thomas' Spartans are all that remained from the original Spartans that were commanded by John Thomas Sr. in 1776. In 1777, the regiment was split into two, with Col. Thomas Brandon taking command of the Second Spartans. By the time of Cowpens,
John Thmas Jr. had taken over command forom his father.

Figures are Perry Southern Militia painted by John Bryant. The flag is an internet grab.
I did the basing.
This completes the SC Militia Line for me.
The North Carolina Riflemen under Quaker Meadow Joe McDowell are on the workbench.



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