Ravenna- Gaston de Foix Vignette Composition 29.12.15

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Ravenna- Gaston de Foix Vignette Composition 29.12.15

Postby Atheling » Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:13 am

I'm aiming to have the Battle of Ravenna done as a demo game, probably not this year but the next. I'm too busy with my Hastings project for Salute at present.

I'm spending a little bit of time every day working on head swaps, conversions and that sort of thing. In order to keep up some kind of momentum I'm posting all the stuff I do get done on my Gewalthaufen Blog. to be honest it's a welcome relief to painting up all those Huscarl, Thegnes, Ceorls and Milites etc.

I've started messing around with what will be Jacob Empsser's Landsknechts including baggage and vignettes (I ordered quite a lot of them when Foundry had their sale!).

Not satisfied with the number of Dopplensoldner that Foundry do, they do two but Marcus was kind enough to send me an unreleased model too, I did a couple of head swaps and a little converting by hacking off a spare's cap and adding a leather helmet/arming cap and sticking the feathered cap slung around his neck.

There are more pics and discussion on my Gewalthaufen Blog here: ... sions.html


Next up is prepping Gaston de Foix, Duke of Nemours Command Group.

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