Christmas dinner dinner dinner ...

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Christmas dinner dinner dinner ...

Postby Overrevdsquat » Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:40 pm

Feeling a little foolish because I didn't take any pics, but just played a fun little Batman game with two faces thugs against Batgirl and Robin.

The thugs moved in ready to pounce, hiding behind a swat van abandoned in the middle of the board. Robin spotted a single thug on a balcony covering the rest of the gang with an assault rife. Robin ran towards the gangster throwing Batlings as he went, stunning the poor guy, and causing him to shoot wildly (snake eyes - typical :roll: ). Batgirl ran into the axe weilding thug, but they blocked each others attacks.

The thugs then ganged up on Batgirl, and eventually overpowered her and killed her.

Robin batclawed his way onto the balcony and knocked down the stunned guy up there. Another thug threw a petrol bomb and set both Robin and the thug on fire. Ropbing managed to put out the flames on him, jumped down and attacked the molotov thower, who ran off. The burning thug just roasted :( .

Leaving batgirl to bleed out, the rest of the thugs went for Robin. A bit more spectacularly bad shooting meant it was down to hand to hand. A maginicent punch left Robin knocked down and stunned, and the rest piled in, capturing him.

He will be tied to chair as we wait for Batman to come and try a rescue next time (when I will try and take a picture).

Really enjoying the rules, a bit different to whatI usually play, but good fun for a small game. We played on a 60cm square board, with a couple of mdf buildings and other odd bits of scenery.
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Re: Christmas dinner dinner dinner ...

Postby BaronVonWreckedoften » Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:16 am

Sooooo....a moment's silence for the late Batgirl, then.
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