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Yet More UK Data – BHGS Doubles

Postby vexillia » Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:02 pm

Latest post on UK trends:

In the last week or so I’ve posted both my annual review of the Northern League and then added the trends from the South West DBM League to create a supra-regional picture of 15 mm ancient & medieval wargames leagues here in the UK.

The extension of my first review was made possible by John Graham-Leigh who got in touch and provided the necessary data. In the resulting email discussion he suggested broadening the analysis to include competitions in the South Western League’s catchment area.

I looked in to this but in the end I decided that adding data from annual events would only muddy the picture. Not least because the factors governing participation in leagues are different from those of governing annual events. For example, the level of commitment required to attend four or five rounds of a league is different from that required to attend a weekend competition.

Simultaneously Tim Porter also got in touch suggesting I look at the BHGS Doubles League. At first this appeared to be a great idea: a national league to sit alongside the regional leagues. It turned out not to be such a good idea and a lesson in “data quality management”.


Time to get a life and play a few wargames methinks.
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