PBEM 1814 - Second battle of Arens

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PBEM 1814 - Second battle of Arens

Postby thistlebarrow » Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:15 am

The latest battle in our PBEM 1814 campaign is set in northern Spain

General Murray commands the British corps attached to the Spanish Army in north eastern Spain. In the current phase of the campaign he has borne the brunt of the fighting, and did so again in this battle.

The Arens phase of the campaign opened on 31 March 1814 with a battle at the town of that name. Murray was defeated, and retreated to his base at Mataro. There he rested for seven days, was resupplied and received reinforcements.

On 7 April 1814 he once more advanced east to attack Arens again.

Once more he was defeated!

The full battle report of the unfortunate Murray’s second attempt to take Arens is on the Campaign Diary Blog
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