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Ambush A Victorian Steel game

Postby dhtandco » Tue Sep 02, 2014 2:18 pm

Ambush 1857 pt 2

Under the Victorian Steel rules, soldiers march in companies and hidden movement is involved as the mutineers await in a ditch

The Mutineers and tribes decide to attack the long British trail column from the ditch, this with the Victorian Steel rules is classed as hidden movement


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The British line are well trained and try to form some sort of defence


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The flank attack into the column


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At the rear of the British column, artillery is pushed hard, but the orders from the Mutineer command just never got them into play.


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The battle, the flank attack and the British advance guard form a defence, weapon fire is close and casualties mount on both sides.


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The advance guard push all the artillery they have to break through and escape off the table.



Lots more photos of the battle in the gallery at V.S., the outcome was a Mutineer win, the British suffered heavy because of the ambush but they still managed to hold the ground for a while.

Scenario historical battles vols will be coming out soon "The Rise and Fall of the Zulu" being the first.
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