Fighting in built up area

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Fighting in built up area

Postby thistlebarrow » Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:12 pm

I thought that we had covered this type of combat quite well in our house rules, but a recent battle caused us some soul searching.

Getting the balance right between allowing the defender to hold for a long time (such as Hougoumont at Waterloo or The Granary at Essling) and still making it possible for the attacker to take the town or village is quite difficult.

Our house rules all combat depends on luck, and we wanted this to be the same. But not to the extent that one good, or bad, dice will cause a result which will decide the whole wargame.

After a lot of consideration, and quite a bit of game testing, we finally decided on a series of combats. We use the brigade as the basic fighting unit. Only one brigade allowed to garrison each town section. As many brigades allowed to attack as can reach the outside area.

Each attacking brigade fights a combat with the defending brigade. So if eight brigades attacking, there are eight individual combats.

The whole calculation is quite long winded, but if you would like to read a summary you will find it on my weekly Napoleonic Wargaming blog
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