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PBEM Campaign Command Vacancy

Postby thistlebarrow » Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:12 pm

I need a replacement to take the role of Marshal Mortier in our long running 1814 campaign. Mortier commands the Third French Army, which is responsible for one of six campaign areas. His task is to hold the area between Strasbourg and Nancy against the invading Austrian Army.

The campaign is divided into phases, or mini campaigns. Each lasts about three months. We are starting a new phase, so both sides are full strength and fully supplied. The new commander will be able to plan his campaign from the start. ... e7ba84.jpg

This is the strategic map, which shows the area for which Mortier is responsible. Each square is 15 miles. This map is used for strategic planning. The white area is the next phase of the campaign. ... 7c15aa.jpg

This is the tactical map. It covers the same nine squares highlighted in the strategic map. Each square is 5 miles. Each map square illustrates a scenic square on the wargames table. This map is used for campaign movement.

Each player is responsible for planning his campaign and the issue of daily orders to his five corps commanders. When there is a battle I set up a table based on the map squares, then my wife and I fight the wargame.

The role of Army Commander does not require any previous experience, and should not take more than a couple of hours a week. But each player must have access to a computer, and be able to respond to emails within two days.

You will find full details of the campaign, and battle reports, on the Campaign Diary Blog

If you would like to take part you should contact me via the Campaign Forum
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