Battleground - Sat 24th November, Stockton-on-Tees, UK

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Battleground - Sat 24th November, Stockton-on-Tees, UK

Postby Leon Pendraken » Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:45 pm


This year's Battleground show takes place on Saturday 24th November at our usual venue of the Queen's Campus Sports Hall in Stockton-on-Tees, TS17 6BH. The event runs from 10am until 3pm and for the 2nd year running it's FREE ENTRY for everyone! After the success of last year it made sense to keep this in place so we hope you will support us and head along!

We've got a few new traders for this year so we're hoping to have 40 traders in total attending the show. There may be a few changes to the lineup but we'll confirm those closer to the event. The final trader list will be confirmed by the beginning of October but you can see the expected list here:

We'll once again have a fantastic selection of display and participation games on offer, with around 25 games expected at the moment. We're still collected the game info from a lot of our clubs, but we'll keep updating the lists here:

The Tabletop Sale was once again sold out in 2017 and we're sure it'll be just as popular again this year! There has been a slight price increase this year but for only £1.50 per half hour slot, you can sell as much as you like, with no commission at all! You deal directly with the buyers, answer any questions they may have, haggle over prices and get those unwanted goodies sold! Once your time is up (or better still, you’ve sold everything!), you can walk away, cash in hand, and enjoy the rest of the show! The bookings for the Tabletop are open now so please make sure to get in touch early if you can. Bookings can be made through the contact section of the website:

And we'll also have some of our popular living history groups returning again!

There might be some extra attractions coming this year, but we're waiting on more details to confirm those so keep an eye on the website or Facebook page.

All of the show info can be found on either the Battleground website here: or our Facebook page here: If you've got any questions about the event, just let us know.

So, don't forget to tell your friends about the FREE ENTRY and we'll see you there!
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Re: Battleground - Sat 24th November, Stockton-on-Tees, UK

Postby Leon Pendraken » Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:50 pm

We've just about finalised the trader lists, so this is who will be attending Battleground 2018!

1 Ainsty Castings
2 Baccus
3 Beanie Games
4 Colonel Bill's
5 Cozzmic Cakes
6 Crann Tara
7 Crooked Dice
8 Dave Lanchester
9 Dave Thomas
10 Dave's Wargames
11 Eagle Figures
12 Four A Miniatures
13 Galloping Major NEW FOR 2018!
14 Gaming Figures
15 Games of War
16 Graham's Wuerkshoppe
17 Grubby Tanks / Britannia TBC
18 Hoka Hey Wargaming
19 Ironclad Miniatures
20 Iron Gate Scenery NEW FOR 2018!
21 Last Valley
22 Lesley's Bits Box / KR Multicase
23 Leven Miniatures
24 Mantic Games NEW FOR 2018!
25 Marching in Colour
26 Midlam Miniatures
27 Minibits
28 Newline Designs
29 Oathsworn Miniatures NEW FOR 2018!
30 PE2 Collectables NEW FOR 2018!
31 Pendraken Miniatures
32 Rapier Figures
33 Reiver Castings
34 Sarissa Precision & Warbanner &
35 Tumbling Dice
36 Warbases
37 Warlord Games

Leon Pendraken
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Llama Corporal
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Re: Battleground - Sat 24th November, Stockton-on-Tees, UK

Postby Leon Pendraken » Mon Oct 29, 2018 11:58 pm

We've just about got our Games confirmed for this year's Battleground show, so here's what to expect on the day...


Battlefield Trust
Battle of Piercebridge - The Battlefield Trust are bringing along a display showing the Battle of Piercebridge, 1642 as well bringing info on two other ECW battles in the Teesside area.

Border Reivers
Harbour Attack - A 1:600th Napoleonic naval game with paper ships!

Brompton Bankers
The Battle of the Standard, 1138: A refight, in 28mm, of the battle between the Anglo-Normans and the Scots that took place just north of Northallerton 880 years ago this year.

Carrying On Up The Dale
The Battle of Zurich, 1799: Set during the French Revolutionary War of the 2nd Coalition, the French under Andre Massena attack a mainly Russian army defending the area around Zurich.

Durham Raiders
Napoleon at War - 20mm Napoleonic battle pitting the British against the French!

Durham Wargames Group
28mm display game showing an action in the Russian conquest of the Central Asian khanates in the 1860/70's!

Generals & Kings
28mm Battle of the Bulge!

Lancaster Cellarmen
1814 Napoleon at Bay - The Battle for Antwerp in 20mm, using our own rules and Hinton Hunt figures.

Old Guard Group
10mm ACW!

Prince Bishop Wargames Club
Showing a key battle in the Polish Succession War of 1587/8. The Austrian Archduke Maximillian invaded Poland in support of his claim to the throne. Unable to capture Krakow, he retreated into Silesia but was caught by the pursuing Polish army who were supporting the claim of Sigismund Vasa. He was subsequently defeated at the battle of Byczyna on 24 January 1588.

Stafford and District Wargames
Battle of Blenheim - WSS battle in 1704, refought here in 10mm!

Westerhope Wargames Group
WWII European game in 28mm!

Yorkshire Coast Gamers


Iacta Alea Est
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the RAF, Iacta will be staging some airwar games from the Great War (Canvas Eagles, Zeppelin raid on England), and the Second World War.

Cozzmic Cakes
Cupcake Wars! - Always one of the most popular games of the event, come and have a go and win yourself a cupcake!

Mantic Games
Vanguard: Patrol Skirmish: The Basileans are fighting a running skirmish as they try to locate supplies previously scattered by a Nightstalker ambush!
The Walking Dead: Atlanta Supply Run: Can Rick hold out against dangers both living and infected?

Nate Zettle
Blood and Plunder: Blood and Plunder is a 28mm historical miniatures wargame set in the 17th century, during the Golden Age of piracy! This highly immersive and tactical game system takes players into the 17th century world of bloodthirsty pirates, desperate militamen and ferocious natives. All of them in a constant struggle to control the wealth of the New World! Games can be played on land, at sea or a combination of both using a streamlined set of gaming rules that will present new and veteran wargamers alike with unique tactical challenges.

Redcar Ironbeards
The Mighty Eighth - Daylight bomber raid over Germany 1944 using Wings of Glory rules.

Scarborough Games Society
A Very 'South Cliff' Civil War (Bolt Action rules with a twist) and a 2nd table with Lord Of the Rings.

Society of 20th C. Wargamers
Forgotten Foreign Legion Outpost in the Desert - Loosely based on “An isolated outpost: six months in the desert” originally produced as a game by David Brock and John Curry and recently re-printed in ”Small Wars” (ed by John Curry)

Something to do With Dice
Spaghetti Western skirmish using Dead Man's Hand rules!

Sunderland Games Club
Malifaux: Based in an alternatie Earth, Malifaux uses gothic, steampunk and Victorian horror with a dose of the Wild West to inject fun and depth into the magical lawlessness of a world rife with monsters, necropunks, man-machine hybrids, gunslingers and power-hungry politicos. Actively using character-driven stories to define the world of Malifaux, seek your fortune in this fast paced and brutal 32mm tabletop miniature skirmish game. Assemble your crew and stake your claim!

Tyneside Wargames Club
Pirates of the Aegean - 10mm Bronze Age naval game.

Wargames in the Dungeon
Normandy 1944: Participation game loosely based in Normandy 1944, using the What a Tanker! rules.

Facebook event:
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Re: Battleground - Sat 24th November, Stockton-on-Tees, UK

Postby Leon Pendraken » Sat Nov 10, 2018 4:34 pm

Illustrated Talks: The First Great Civil War in the Tees Valley

The Battlefields Trust: North East & Borders (South) will be presenting three short (about 20 mins each) illustrated talks at Battleground 2018. The presentations will give some background to the English Civil War in the North of England, the importance of the River Tees and the implications of each battle for the area, the Royalist and Parliamentarian factions and the wider war overall. A Question & Answer session will follow each talk as required. All presentations will be by Phil Philo of the Battlefields Trust.

11:00 - The Battle of Piercebridge (1 December 1642)

12:00 - The Battle of Guisborough (16 January 1643)

13:00 - The Battle of Yarm (1 February 1643)

These presentations will take place upstairs in the Battleground venue and admission is free!

In the main hall, we'll also have the Battlefield Trust stall where you can see our Civil War education collection and the fantastic Battle of Piercebridge model by Mark Hornsby. Pendraken Miniatures, in association with the Battlefields Trust, will be launching a range of army packs representing the three main engagements fought in the Tees Valley in 1642-43.
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Llama Corporal
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