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Minifigs PB101+ figures

PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 1:16 pm
by GarrisonMiniatures
When the PB ranges first came out they were a bit - confusing. Firstly, the Macedonian and Punic Wars figures are actually S Range. When first issued they came with an s tagged on the end of the code. Then, when the Imperial Rome range came out they simply continued from PB101 - but without the s. Later, the PB101+ figures were re badged as IR - but the codes didn't all tally with the 101 series - the IR series was quite a remodelling job.

So... saw some figures on EBay where the seller couldn't find the codes - early PB101+. It seems to me it might be useful to have those 101+ listings available somewhere so I've put them on the Pages part of my blog. ... range.html