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Postby Stavka » Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:32 am

I've been making good progress on some 15mm British armour for the early North African campaign; Matilda's and early cruiser tanks for Operations Brevity & Battleaxe in 1941.

Rules will be BKC-II, and the forces organized on a roughly 1:5 model-to-vehicle ratio, as per the organization charts in Command Decision.

While we steadily build up the forces, there's the dilemma of appropriate terrain. I can cobble together some decent looking Fort Capuzzo-style buildings, and various rocky outcrops present no problem for me.

Unfortunately though, my old GW green gaming mat doesn't look much like the environs of Tobruk or Benghazi, so I've been thinking about getting myself one of these mousepad-backing mats from Deep Cut Studios. They have two mats that would seem to fit the bill, as below. My preference so far is for the more rugged-looking of the two, but I'm still undecided.

Image ... wasteland/

Image ... at-desert/

Has anyone here by chance seen them in the flesh at a club or show?

While I have the skills, I have neither the space, time, nor inclination to make my own from scratch. Too much mess involved.

EDIT: just came across this one by Urbanmatz. And they deduct VAT.

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Re: Desertification

Postby ochoin » Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:47 pm

I went for the Cigar Box mats and was very pleased. Your photos of the Deep Cut ones look equally good.

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