A first game with new rules

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A first game with new rules

Postby ochoin » Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:26 am

I plan to run the very first game with our new Napoleonic rules; ‘General D’armee’, sometime before Christmas.

As one of my goals is to sell the rules to my gaming pals, I want everything to work well & hence, my reason for soliciting advice. The rules are fairly dense & offer a lot of scope for tactical nuance.

If I outline my thoughts, could I have your thoughts and criticisms?
1.Two of the other four gamers in our group are very experienced H&M (& Napoleonic) gamers: the first game will only involve them.

2. Likely I’ll be the only one who’s read the rules (2 times + I’ve watched the ‘how to play” you Tube videos), so I’ll ref. My two pals have copies but to be fair, lead far more complex lives than I do (young families etc)

3. A simple encounter game using only my figures & with as small forces as is practicable (4 brigades a side). I will leave out some of the more complex aspects of the game (eg the optional Fog of War mechanism, attacking/defending BUAs etc) & allow us to concentrate on the core mechanisms.

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Re: A first game with new rules

Postby BaronVonWreckedoften » Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:42 am

Are you aware of this forum? Dave Brown is very good at answering any questions and would most likely give you some guidance. ... armee-f18/
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