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Border Reiver 2017

Postby mickthemagpie » Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:00 am

We're rapidly approaching the 23rd annual Border Reiver wargames show which will again be held at Gateshead international stadium.

As usual the event will be held on the first Saturday of September so this year that will be the 2nd. Doors open at 10am and the show will finish at 3pm.

A quick update of the traders and games for the show-

Mighty Lancer Games
Ainsty Castings
Last Valley
Worley Books
Eagle figures
Models, books and games
Crooked Dice
Tumbling Dice
Hokahay Wargaming
Leven Miniatures
Lesleys bits box
Pendraken Miniatures
PE2 Collectibles
Midlam Miniatures
Colonel Bills Wargames Depot
Dave Thomas
Warlord Games
Grahams Wuerkshoppe
Reiver Castings
Lancashire Games
Empires at War
Victorian Toy Soldier
Northumbria Painting Services
Daves Wargames
Dave Lanchester books
1st Corps
Battlefield Design
4A Miniatures
My Favourite sweets (one for the kids!)

We also have the following confirmed games-

Rumbling Guns-28mm Napoleonic
Redcar Ironbeards-WW2 Desert War
Westerhope Wargames club 28mm Dark Age Vikings
Harrogate Wargames Club-28mm Bells of Santa Maria Italian Wars-Participation Game (1st prize PG at The Other Partzan)
Battlefield Design- Napoleonics
Andrew Paul Wiley-28mm Old West-Participation
Section 8-Gladiator Combat-Participation
Section 8-Dropfleet Commander
Tyneside Wargames Club-10mm Trojan War
SE Scotland Wargames club-15mm 2nd Bishops War
Whitby Wargames Club-28mm WW2 Bolt Action.

If you have some unwanted goodies to sell we have 8 tables set aside for the Flea Market in half hourly slots.

We do have space for a couple of late entry traders or games so if you would like to claim one let me know and i'll let the show organiser know.


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