Further rule tweaks:TMWWBK

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Further rule tweaks:TMWWBK

Postby ochoin » Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:48 pm

I am sure you are aware that the Colonial rules for ‘The Men Who Would Be kings” is intended as a framework that you can add to or adjust in order to address your prejudices.

We’ve already introduced several “tweaks” (eg unit facings) but there are a few more areas I think need consideration.

The basis of the rules is a maximum of one action per unit per turn.

This works well in most situations. However, it does mean that immediate reactions to your enemy’s actions are not possible.

I am thinking the rule should be modified in the case of mounted units being charged. The whole point of being mounted was speed of reaction. Now I think allowing counter-charges may be going too far but I would propose an evade move for mounted units (cavalry or camelry: not dismounted) being charged by any enemy. I am in favour of a varied movement distance as per the Field of Glory rules. Perhaps a D6 roll to minus that many inches from your normal distance? I have thought that a command roll might be used in order to allow an evade move but I think this might be too much. An evading unit would need to turn away & would end the move with their backs to the enemy. This means if they failed to get clear, they would be penalised in melee as per our rear attack rule.

This too would add to the tension of the game. Clearly, a unit might choose to stand and fight the chargers (often at some cost, of course) but allowing Evade gives you tactical choices.

Any comments, amendments or observations are welcome.

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