Stiil painting camels

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Stiil painting camels

Postby ochoin » Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:13 am

I seem to have been painting camels for my Mahdist game for quite a while. Ta aisha & Beja units, Egyptian & British camel corps.
I've decided that the Anglo-British, whilst having a reasonable aggregate number of units, need more camelry (& cavalry). The reason for this is, with just 2 units out of 10 mounted, the camel units tend to leave their plodding infantry behind in order to reach objectives & then are not stong enough to fight their way out of trouble. Hence, I am painting another British camel Corps unit (& a unit of Egyptian cavalry when the figures arrive) to give them both mobility & "punch".

This has also started me planning a second Nile river craft. I've previously posted photos of my stern wheeler.


A second boat should look different to this. Side wheelers seem obvious but I'm rather fancying a propeller-driven "launch". This would be far easier to do, slightly smaller than the stern paddlewheeler & obviously different.The towed "barge", flush decked with a small wheel house & boiler, should be indicative of the tye of thing I'm thinking of in terms of shape & size.

The question I'm asking is did such craft exist or the Mahdist Wars? There's lots of photos on the internet of such scratch built craft in people's collections but I can't find an actual period photo. Whilst not a slave to historical reality, I do like to keep things within the bounds.

Any ideas?

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Re: Stiil painting camels

Postby Etranger » Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:29 am

Hi Ochoin, I took a quick look at the Osprey on the Sudan Steamers. As far as gunboats go, the 'Sultan' class of 1896 were the first screw gunboats on the Nile. that doesn't mean that there were none prior to that date, only not purpose built.

See also this thread on LAF ... ;topicseen
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