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Postby ochoin » Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:36 am

As the creator of one of the two Carthaginian armies for our 2017 annual Show demo game, I've been diligently acquiring new units & renovating others.

The other army is led by Hannibal himself & has, apart from the usual suspects, an Italian feel. My Carthos are commanded by Hasdrubal (Hannibal's brother) & is more Spanish in feel. Indeed, out of 15 units, it has 6 which are Iberian or Celt-Iberian.

I'm currently refurbishing a unit of Caetrati. I wanted to give them a Celt-Iberian slant & went to my Bits Box, where the discarded figures live.

Here I unearthed quite a few HaT Punic-Spanish. They had been indifferently painted many years ago & the bulk were the sinew helmeted, javelin throwing, bizarrely positioned "star-jumpers" on the top row:

After stripping (the figures, not me!) & removing the mold lines I seemingly could live with in the old days, I began conversions. Some heads were swopped with figures from the HaT Gallic Command set, some had their caetrati replaced with more Gallic shields & some falcata were swopped for javelins.

The "star-jumpers" got the hot water & bending business. Javelin arm & head were twisted to face forwards creating a much nicer figure. If anyone thinks they still look a touch awkward, I can refer them to a photo of me, at school, throwing a javelin. I didn't earn the nickname, "Tangles" for nothing.

I'm about half way through the painting & there's nothing nicer than saving unwanteded figures & turning them into something quite nice to look at & maybe even give those Dastardly Romans a shiver.

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