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Postby ochoin » Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:22 am

I went to a two day wargaming show in Brisbane today.

It was my first "show experience". Surreal.

It was in a Table Tennis Centre & contained some 30 or so tables set up for tournament games. Lots of FoW, many Sci-Fi & fantasy games I'm not sure about & a smattering of Historicals but nothing in any period (eg Horse & Musket; not even SAGA) I'm interested in. .Scenery, BTW was pretty good: not the squares of felt & hills made of ceiling tiles I'd heard were used at some shows.
The gamers were fairly true to my mental picture. Lots of poundage, T-shirts with witty (though mostly "witty") slogans but unexpectedly of a wide cross-section in age. Pre-Teens to Greybeards. Pretty well all absorbed in their game & fairly oblivious of my presence. I almost asked a question or two but decided not to.

There were all of 4-5 Traders & I had some interesting conversations with them. I bought a smallish bunch of stuff.

After about 3 hours, I left. I rather hope this new venture is a success & grows from this but it certainly wasn't what I thought Shows were from photos etc of the British & US scenes. I'm not interested in tournaments so this, probably, wasn't for me. Sadly.

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