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Re: In Praise of House Rules

Postby thistlebarrow » Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:55 pm


I am not sure I really understand your post.

If you are saying that the more players involved the more difficult to write a set of rules acceptable to all of them then I entirely agree.

However. If that group have wargamed together for 30 years, they must have a lot in common and must be prepared to compromise for the good of the group? In that case I would suspect that it would not be that difficult to agree a set of rules acceptable to the group.

However. If you have used WRG for 30 years, and still have enjoyable wargames using them, why bother to write a new set of rules?

I may have the wrong end of the stick, because you go on to mention rule lawyers. If there is such a problem within the group I would recommend sticking to a commercial set of rules without any amendments. With that type of player no set of rules will be acceptable. Certainly none that one of you has written as “house” rules. Far better to just to accept standard rules, warts and all.
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Re: In Praise of House Rules

Postby grizzlymc » Mon Nov 25, 2013 6:59 pm

1. I am saying this
2. I live 15,000 km from my wargames group, when I drop by, we play WRG.
3. Because WRG are ok, but as you say, they aren't MY rules
4. One of the reasons that I have never got past stage 3, is that my approach to rules lawyers is best characterised by the cliche, "It's nice to be nice, but if its a fight ye'll be lookin fer"

But my point I guess was that any fool can throw together some rules for himself or a small group. This is an order of magnitude or two short of what people like Richard Clarke do for a business.
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